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For all its reputation of being a quiet honeymoon island with nothing but couples holding hands while watching the sunset, there are quite a number of hotspots that makes the Santorini nightlife live up to the party image of the Greek islands.

Sure, the Santorini nightlife cannot provide the wide club scene of, say Ios or Mykonos, but if you know where to go you are almost guaranteed a sensational time.

In our book quality always beat quantity, and there are some great bars and nightclubs definitely worth checking out if you are in a party mood.

For the best Santorini nightlife, there are two main party centrals, the Fira scene and the Kamari/Perissa beach scene.

Fira bars & nightclubs

The main place for clubbing is in the capital Fira. This is where you will find most of the bars and nightclubs on the island.

Both Greek and international A-list celebrities are sighted here from time to time.

The party in Fira usually begins and ends at the main square, which in high season is rarely ever quiet.

Most nightclubs in Fira have cover charges of up to 10 Euros, and don’t expect to get in wearing sandals and swim trunks.

Two Brothers Bar

Two Brothers Bar has been around for a long while in various form and style.

Today it is a popular place with a fun-loving, shot-drinking crowd. This place keeps jumping through the night to the beat of loud rock music.

Murphy’s Bar

It seems every city in the world must have an Irish bar. Well, this is Fira’s contribution, and not a bad one we must say.

The music at Murphy’s is mixed, and so is the crowd.

Everybody seems to know Murphy’s and it is a popular place to meet up for beers and drinks as it is right next to a few great clubs, like Koo Club and Enigma.

Koo Club

Koo Club is one of Fira’s oldest, largest and most popular dance clubs.

There are two sides to this place. One is the large outdoor patio with a great chill-out atmosphere and three bars to make sure you you’re never thirsty. The other side, of course, is the relentlessly throbbing dance scene where the action never stops.

Don’t expect the party to get started before midnight though.


Right across the street from Koo Club you will find Enigma, another of the oldest, largest and most popular clubs in Fira.

Established in 1979, Enigma stands out from many other clubs because of its unique Greek palace-style interior, complete with arches and pillars!

Enigma has a large outside lounge area for when you need a break from the hot dance floor.


Tropical is a smaller nightclub than Koo Club and Enigma, and you may call this place a little more up-scale, if you will.

Prices in the large bar are still reasonable though, and included is a great view of the caldera from their balcony.

Casablanca Soul

The trendy Casablanca Soul is the place to go to experience Santorini nightlife in the form of live funk, soul and dance music.

Kamari & Perissa bars & nightclubs

On the opposite side of the island, in the beach villages of Kamari and Perissa, there is another type of Santorini nightlife going on.

The beaches are lined with a seemingly endless chain of open-air beach bars, each more crowded and louder than the other!

The beach bar scene is actually something fairly new addition to the Santorini nightlife, but it has rapidly grown into big business for the south-east part of the island.

Although the Santorini nightlife scene is dominated by Fira, there are a couple of nightclubs in Kamari and Perissa worth mentioning.


This Perissa hotspot has become truly popular with the party crowds.

Taboo has a very trendy and cool style, and the rule of the bar, which you will soon learn, is that nobody leaves Taboo unsatisfied.

May we suggest you put that rule to the test!

Question Mark Beer House

This bar in Perissa is worth mentioning simply because they serve seventy different kinds of beers from around the world.

A perfect hangout for beer-lovers after a long hot day on the sandy beach.

Dom Club

The Dom Club is the number one nightspot in Kamari and probably one of the liveliest clubs on Santorini.

With everything you expect from a nightclub, including the cage on stage, this place attracts all kinds of party people.